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Brad's Natural Hoof Care

          "Barefoot" or "Natural" trims save the sole and frog that are usually left, by typical farriers or trimmers, to exfoliate on their own since the dead material will help protect the sensitive tissues inside the foot. The hoof wall will not be trimmed flat to the sole, except for special reasons as needed, but will leave about 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch that is then beveled, or angled to prevent chipping and flaring. 

          A good natural trim will mimic the wear patterns that a horse would have if our domestic horses were able to move enough over rough ground to self trim. Since our domestic horses live in unnatural situations, the need for a trim arises. The majority of our show horses are kept 100% sound and happy by Brad.

Bonnie's Barnyard

          Bonnie's is a fantastic store just 10 minutes from our barn. They are our go to place for everything for our horses (and dogs!). From barn supplies/feeds, to equine medicine, to pet supplies, they always help us find everything we need. 

Stance Equine

          Stance noticed that competition horses often suffered from hot and fizzy behaviour, and cramped or tied up when in heavy work. They researched the effects of high starch diets on horse behaviour and performance and evaluated many feeds including rice bran and coconut meal. It is now well known that high NSC (non structural carbohydrate) feeds are a major contributor to obesity and the associated metabolic disorders in horses including gastrointestinal ulcers, insulin resistance, colic, lameness, laminitis, EMS and Cushing’s disease.

          Good quality coconut meal contains a high level of digestible energy (from the 8-10% coconut oil, and the digestible fibre) and a low NSC (11%) and it is an excellent feed for most horses. CoolStance coconut is now fed widely throughout Australia, and is also available in the US and UK.