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How do I schedule a lesson?

          Call or text 615-339-8621 or 615-828-5815 to schedule a lesson.

What do I do if I miss a lesson?

          In our lesson program, you're in the same lesson at the same time/day every week. This is a pay-as-you-go

          business, so if you miss a lesson, you can either wait until the next week, or join another lesson that week.

What do I wear to my lesson?

          Polo/quarter zip shirt, tucked into riding breeches/jodhpurs (belt is preferred). You can either wear paddock

          boots with half chaps, or black tall boots. You can bring your own ATSM/SEI Certified helmet, or borrow

          one of our lesson helmets.

If I want to take a lesson, do I have to have my own tack?

          No. Each of our lesson horses has their own correctly-fitted saddle, personal bridle, sized girth, grooming

          kit, and pair of protective leg boots. We also have plenty of saddle pads and half pads.

What are your policies about lesson cancellations and late arrival?

          If you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson, you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

          Otherwise, you will still be expected to pay for the lesson. If you are late to a lesson, we can not wait for

          you, and your hour begins the time it was scheduled. There will be no run-over time due to late arrival.

What if I don't own a horse?

          No problem - we have plenty of lesson horses that you can ride during lessons! Or, we have horses for

          lease if you want to have your own to ride without buying a horse.

What if I just want to ride for fun?

          You do not have to be on our show team to take lessons or lease a horse.

How do you accept payments?

          Monthly payments like board or lease are due on the 1st of the month, late fees start applying after the 5th.

          Lesson payments are due as you lesson, not paid in advance. Fees must be paid before you take a lesson.

          Show fee payments are due the day before the show. Your horse won't get on the trailer until fees are paid.

Can I haul my horse in to ride at your facility?

          We welcome haul-ins to our farm. The rate is $25 a day, which includes access to all of our amenities.

          Negative coggins required.

What kind of hay do you feed?

          We feed Fescue, Orchard, Bermuda (in season), and Alfalfa.

What do you feed your horses?

          We feed CoolStance coconut meal to all of our lesson horses, and the majority of boarders.

          If you board with us, and do not wish to be on our feed, we are happy to give your horse other feeds.